Limited warranty on gyroplane parts and components

We hope you like our gyroplane. We expect normal operation of all components and parts with proper maintenance. Practical use of this model showed its high reliability and high quality of all units and mechanisms. However, problems sometimes occur with the operation of various machinery, not through the fault of the people operating the machinery. With this in mind, we offer a limited warranty for defects of one year, or 150 hours of operation, whichever comes first. The warranty applies only to defects in gyroplanes assembled by our technicians. The date of commencement of the warranty is the date of receipt of the FAA airworthiness certificate for the gyroplane.

In the event of a defect that is not the fault of the aircraft owner, we undertake to repair or replace the defective part at our expense.

Any replacement parts or assemblies during the warranty period will not extend the warranty beyond the original duration or operating time. Repair or replacement is exclusive and does not include the cost of shipping the replacement parts, bringing the gyroplane to our repair site, all of which is the responsibility of the customer. The procedure for obtaining warranty service or defective parts is as follows:

  1. Document the problem with as much data and details of the gyroplane as possible, including pictures, and submit to us for determination that the defect is a warranty case.
  2. Follow our instructions for sending the defective parts to us.
  3. When the old parts are received by us, the warranty eligibility is determined and the customer is informed of the results. If the warranty service is deemed reasonable, the new spare parts are sent to the customer. If replacement parts require consultation with our mechanic, we will provide this service. The customer will be informed about the delivery time of the new parts after deciding on the right to warranty.


Third-party equipment

Third-party equipment such as avionics, navigation lights, and radios are warranted by the manufacturers of those items. We will help you obtain this warranty, but we are not We will help you to get that warranty, but we are not responsible for that warranty. Customers (because they are the end users of this equipment) must register for these warranties after receiving documentation from these suppliers.

General Warranty Details

This limited warranty applies only to units that have been properly installed, used and maintained in strict accordance with the manufacturers’ specifications, instructions and recommendations. It will not cover assemblies or parts that are defective as a result of misuse, alteration, improper installation and improper maintenance, or poor repair. The warranty does not apply to damage due to impact, hard landings, or excessive wear and tear due to improper use or improper storage.

Use of the gyroplane by a pilot who fails to comply with the flight mode or operating limitations automatically voids this warranty.

This limited warranty is the only warranty provided on parts and components of the gyroplane.