GYROFOX Gyroplane

This GYROFOX gyroplane is sold as a kit for self-assembly.

The GYROFOX gyroplane is a product of cooperation between partners Russia and the United States to produce and promote these aircraft on the American market.

The proposed gyroplane kit contains a maximum amount of components and parts and an excellent price/quality ratio. You can see this by looking at the kit and prices on our website. The kit of main parts and units of gyroplane are made of high-quality materials in factory conditions in Russia. History of manufacturing kits and ready-made (assembled) gyroplanes at the Russian factory dates back to 2013. During this time five models of gyroplanes have been developed and produced. Produced kits and finished (assembled) gyroplanes are sold mainly in Russia, Europe and Asia under the name of Tango. Currently under development is a model with a closed cabin.

Compared with previously released kits, the new model of 2020 is called GYROFOX and has a number of improvements and changes: improved cockpit design, which improved aerodynamics, made structural changes in engine management, rudder, tail boom parts. Improvements are made and in the design of the rotor, which simplified its balancing, installed electric roll trimmer drive, changes in the kit and wiring. And the most important thing is that the kit became more complete with ready parts and assemblies. All this allowed to optimize and simplify the assembly and most importantly to improve the quality and reliability of the new gyroplane model GYROFOX. Assembly time of the aircraft depends on the skill and experience of the assembler and varies from 120-160 man-hours.

Other parts and units are manufactured by Yamaha, Japan. On gyroplane sets a new four-stroke, three-cylinder, injector, motor Yamaha Genesis power130 bxp, with a torque of 7800 rpm. Kits of gyroplanes of Russian enterprise are known in the USA since 2016 under the name of Tango . The assembled gyroplanes have won well-deserved popularity among fans of small aircraft as reliable gyroplanes with an excellent price+quality ratio. The new GyroFox gyroplane is ideal for daytime flights under simple weather conditions and visual flight rules, the crew is designed for two people (tandem, one behind the other) and has pair control.


We offer an option allowing to use this model as a reliable assistant in agriculture for cultivation of crops and plantations.

Flight and technical characteristics of the GYROFOX

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