GyroFox Gyroplane Kit

The price of the GyroFox gyroplane kit is $xxxxx

The gyroplane kit we offer is a kit for self-assembly, with subsequent receipt of an FAA flying license as an experimental aircraft. This status places experimental aircraft in the category of non-commercial aircraft, which are intended for personal use for recreation, entertainment, etc.

Buying our kit, you will no longer need to search for and find missing parts to complete the assembly with the exception of avionics, radios, and navigation lights. We can offer you avionics, radios, navigation lights with further installation as an option or you can buy them and install them yourself.

We offer you two options for assembling your GyroFox gyroplane

By yourself or with the help of our specialists, which is a service our specialists offer in each case separately.   FAA, by inviting an authorized FAA airworthiness representative (DAR).


Cost Effective

With Our Help

Time Saving and Piece of Mind

We will provide you with a certified test pilot, who will check and test your gyroplane in flight. The test pilot fee is separate.  You can find a test pilot by yourself, but make sure he/she has all required documents to perform such services.

You may consider your purchase of an aircraft that has been assembled and tested by the FAA with all the options available and has an airworthiness certificate, this purchase procedure requires a negotiation process and our ability to fulfill your wishes.  Flexible policy of pricing and payment with our customers, your willingness to consider any reasonable offer is the key to our successful cooperation.

Payment Options

Payment for purchase.

We accept various forms of payment: personal check, money order, credit and debit card, bank transfer from current or savings account. For a purchase above $2000.00, you will need a money order, or advance wire transfer from your checking or savings account.

Financing support and insurance

In order to give our customers the opportunity to solve the financial issue of purchase for those with a good credit history, we offer the services of credit institutions, which will be willing to consider your application and offer the best credit terms. We would like to recommend, a division of Suntrust, this company specializes in providing loans for purchasing airplanes. Please note that this is a confidential matter between you and the lending institution.

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